Is Your Home an Asset or a Liability?

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Your Mortgage Should Be Part Of Your Overall Financial Plan

When we first met Sarah, she was in the final months of a Consumer Proposal and had just received an inheritance from the passing of a relative. Her partner, Tyler, already owned a condo, but they were ready to take the next step in their lives together and buy a family home.

Although Sarah could have used her inheritance for a substantial down payment or outright purchase of a property, she instead chose to take a more balanced approach to the use of that money. A portion of the funds went towards paying out her existing debt; she set aside enough for a 50% down payment on her new home with Tyler; and the remainder was earmarked for investments to grow her wealth and ensure more financial security in the future.

Sarah and Tyler found a newly built home in a neighbourhood they loved, and thanks to the down payment from Sarah's inheritance the Auxilium Team was able to arrange a great mortgage for them despite previous blips on their credit reports. They chose to keep Tyler's existing condo as a rental property to increase their monthly cash flow and build their assets. We were also able to assist them with home insurance to protect both their new purchase and rental.

Sarah worked closely with Rebekah, our licensed broker with Auxilium Insurance Services, to compare her existing TFSA and RRSP investments with the options available through our carriers. We were able to find products that will yield greater returns for Sarah's long-term retirement planning, while still leaving some of her investments accessible in case she needs those funds in the next few years. As part of the service our team offers, we'll also check in with Sarah and Tyler each year to ensure that all of their accounts with us continue to meet their financial goals.

Auxilium covers you "from A to Z" by taking a global and wholistic approach to your finances. Whether you're working with us for your mortgage, home insurance, business insurance, life or disability insurance, or investments, we want to make sure the solutions we find are the right ones for you. This approach is one of the reasons Sarah and Tyler (along with hundreds of other people) have given us a 5-star review.

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