2 Questions to Ask About Insurance When Buying a Home

  1. What is mortgage insurance?

    There are two types of mortgage insurance. The first is a policy that protects lenders against losses that result from defaults on home mortgages, and it's required for borrowers making a down payment of less than 20 percent. If this insurance didn’t exist, lenders would not lend to that loan-to-value, which is the amount of the mortgage loan compared to the value of the property. Thus why insurance was created: To allow more people into the market.

    Like home or auto insurance, mortgage insurance requires payment of a premium for protection against loss, and is used in the event of an emergency. If a borrower can't repay an insured mortgage loan as agreed, the lender may foreclose on the property and file a claim with the mortgage insurer for some or most of the total losses.

    The second kind of insurance is what you take out in the event that something happens to you. This type of stand-alone insurance is a good idea because your mortgage is probably your single biggest liability, and if something were to happen to you, your partner, or both of you, you want to make sure that no one has to deal with that additional stress. Contact Auxilium Mortgage for more details.

  2. Do I need homeowner’s insurance?

    Yes. Home insurance is a key requirement for your mortgage. The Auxilium Team is happy to provide you with a referral to our trusted partners for a consultation and quote. 

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Updated March 2018
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