Heart-warming Words From a Client

Our team is honoured to work with so many of you to make your home ownership dreams come true. We meet some amazing people in a variety of situations, but we always feel so humbled to get this kind of client feedback. The following words were submitted by one of our clients who has kindly given us permission to share this story.

Kam Brar and the team at Auxilium mortgage have been an absolute blessing and an incredible help during some difficult personal times.

While already having the responsibility of being the lone caregiver for my elderly mother, I was unfortunately rendered permanently disabled in early 2013. My finances, credit and general opportunities took an immediate nosedive and after months of trying to balance pre-existing debts and mortgage commitments on only 60% of what I was previously earning, I began to sink under the weight.

I had invested 6 years and most of my earnings into renovating a property that could provide passive income, yet my accident left me in the position of having to let go of that dream, at a financial loss, and resign myself to limited means for the future. The impacts of this were far more serious in terms of how it would affect my ability to care for my mother.

I immediately attempted to restructure my situation with some national financial institutions, two of them that we were both longtime (decades) clients of, who only saw the "disability" and used their criteria to dismiss my requests for consideration.

Then I made an appointment with Kam.

This man has shown me a sincere compassion and understanding, and helped me maintain focus, as well as my dignity, in his efforts to help restructure my mortgage and financially reposition myself accordingly.

He took it upon himself to personally commit to my family when most people or institutions were unable or unwilling to assist me through the mess.

I am not one to generally ask for help, let alone beg for it, but Kam saw through that and carefully and successfully crafted a financial strategy for myself that eventually enabled me to find my footing and gain back the self respect I had lost and stood to lose further.

I feel indebted to this man because he is honest, professional, and consistently goes above and beyond to provide his clients with the best solutions for their mortgage needs. He's a prime example of what a mortgage broker should be.

Kam and Auxilium have the acumen, expertise and contacts to truly help anyone, but their biggest asset is the ability to maintain personal integrity and dedication to their clients in a sector, let alone a world, where that is truly scarce.

I would recommend Kam to anyone who values that personal commitment to their clients, and their client's future. He helped me through some difficult and dark times, and I can't express my gratitude enough!