You Just Won the Lottery. Don’t Change a Thing.

You don’t normally buy a lottery ticket. The odds of becoming an astronaut, a celebrity or even the Prime Minister are more likely than winning the jackpot. But this time, the prize was just too good to pass up and you decided to play. Lo and behold, it’s draw day and you’ve won!

While this scenario is still a dream for most of us, it never hurts to know what you should do if you are lucky enough to become a multi-millionaire overnight. The general consensus: don’t change a thing.

Slow Down

Lotto winners can experience excitement, disbelief and shock upon learning of their new wealth. It’s important to take the time to process your win and put a plan in place. In B.C. – and across most of Canada – you have up to 52 weeks from the draw date to collect your winnings. The BCLC reports that winners will often take the time to talk with a financial planner before coming forward with their winning ticket.

Gather Your Team

Part of slowing down may also be keeping a low profile. Adding sudden fame to your new wealth can be disorienting and stressful. While it’s natural to want to share your good fortune, you might not want to shout it from the rooftops (or post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…).

You will want to start gathering a strong team you can trust, including financial advisors, accountants and estate planners. Rather than just finding the top-ranked Google listing, rely on referrals from close associates to find certified professionals.

Live Your Life

The team you assemble should be able to help you understand the impact of your decisions – even the wild and crazy ones – for your taxes as well as your future. Whether you invest the money, donate to charity, or share your wealth, the ultimate choice is yours of how to spend your money and what will be the most meaningful for you.

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This post was inspired by and adapted from the article “You Just Won the Lottery. Now Here’s What You Do: Nothing” on Wired.