Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

I sometimes wonder how many of us actually take the time and effort to think about this phrase? In our hectic everyday lives, it seems to me that at most times people are just trying to do the opposite; they are just trying to forget all of the pressures and demands of life and try to capture a moment of solitude or two.

During the course of my business and sales career, I’ve met thousands of people and have heard most, if not all of them, lament about the pressures and hardships of life. Upon hearing of this, I’ve often thought about our war veterans — those both living and dead. I’ve thought about what it must have felt like to not know if this was your last day or just another one in hell.

I’ve tried to imagine the overwhelming stress on their families and loved ones, not knowing if their brother, father, son, uncle or grandfather was going to live to see another day! I personally don’t know how I would have handled that dreaded telephone call or telegraph, announcing in just a few mere words that someone I loved so dearly and so much was simply gone.

I’ve thought about the countless women who laboured tirelessly behind the scenes, both overseas and on the homefront. Even though they could not directly participate in combat, they selflessly gave of themselves in countless other ways.

Now for those of you who don’t believe in war and are pacifists, that’s fine. But it’s the sacrifice of these brave men and women, with their blood, sweat and tears, that have given us the many privileges that we tend to take for granted every day. These men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, to bless us with our freedoms! Their loved ones paid dearly by losing someone they loved so very much. How many of us today would be willing to do the same? Now, this is what I call dealing with pressure and demands!

I humbly ask that at this time, you take a moment or two to remember those brave men and women who have made such sacrifices, and also those who serve for us to this very day!

Lest We Forget.

Written by Kam Brar, 
Fearless Leader & Mortgage Planner