Get Money Back On Your Property Tax in BC

A friendly reminder from your Auxilium Mortgage Team as property tax time approaches!

Homeowner Grant applications and Property Tax payments are due by July 2, 2020.

Not all municipalities are accepting in-person payments due to COVID-19. Leave yourself extra time to determine your options online or make your payment by mail. Additionally, many municipalities have extended the grace period for payment before penalty fees will be applied to your account. Check with your local authority for details on your specific situation.

If you live in the home, here's how to make sure you get your Home Owner Grant and get money back on your property tax:

Property Taxes are collected by your mortgage company

  • Sign & submit your Home Owner Grant application to your municipality. The application is sent to you with your property tax notice.
  • Send a copy of the Grant to your lender, too!

Property Taxes are NOT collected by your mortgage company

  • Pay your taxes at the municipality; be sure to submit your Home Owner Grant application that was included with your tax notice!


  • Pay your taxes at your bank.
  • Sign and submit your Home Owner Grant application to the municipality.

Property Tax 2020 - flow chart only

You may be eligible for an additional grant as well. Check the requirements on your property tax notice to see if you qualify!

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