Vancouver Foreign Home Buyer Tax Amended

The B.C. government is planning to lift the levy on foreign home buyers in Vancouver for those who have a work permit and pay taxes in the province. Originally implemented in August 2016, the 15% foreign home buyer tax had an immediate impact of reducing the number of real estate transactions involving foreign buyers. In Metro Vancouver, there were 1,974 deals involving foreign buyers from June 10 through August 1, 2016. In the remaining month of August 2016 there were only 60 transactions; the volume has slowly recovered and there were 200 transactions during November 2016.

This change is seen as a way for employers to continue to attract skilled employees and remain competitive in business; it has been much more difficult to recruit individuals who are interested in moving to the province to live and work since the tax was introduced. Critics have welcomed the updated rules.

The exact details of the amendment are being finalized and will soon be enacted through a provincial order in council. There is currently no plan to change the area affected by the tax, which includes 22 communities in Metro Vancouver.

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