Weekend Travel Still Needs Insurance

TravelInsurance-June2019-socialAccording to data from insurers, almost 99% of Canadians who take one or two-day trips out of province don't purchase travel medical insurance. During the summer, these kinds of quick weekend trips are more frequent. When you're planning your getaway, including travel insurance is one way to make sure you enjoy the fun without worrying about an accident happening.

Madison's family avoided $30,000+ bill for broken arm

While vacationing with her family in Seattle, 9-year-old Madison and her family took a walk in a local park. During a sudden downpour, Madison slipped and fell on her arm. Alarmed by the intense pain and swelling, her parents rushed her to the hospital.

At the ER, the doctor attempted to cast Madison's arm, but was unsuccessful. She was finally able to set a cast after performing a closed reduction under general anesthesia. Madison was discharged from the hospital the next day with pain medication.

Health care in the US is costly. Not only that, but provincial healthcare covered less than 1% of Madison's medical fees! Without travel insurance, medical fees would have cost Madison's family over $30,000. By protecting themselves with a family travel insurance plan, they not only avoided undue stress, but unnecessary debt as well.

An Annual Insurance Plan Reduces Red Tape

Whether you have a busy schedule with limited time for paperwork or you're the type of person who likes to just pack up and go on an adventure, Annual Travel Insurance might be the right solution for you. This type of plan is purchased for a stated amount of days, which means that you can leave the province as many times as you like for that stated period. For example, a 7-day annual plan means that you can go away for up to 7 days at a time as often as you like during the year if you return to your home province in between each trip. Perfect if you travel frequently or spontaneously!

When travel takes you away from home, we believe you should have peace of mind. The Auxilium Team is happy to provide you with a referral to our trusted partners for a consultation and quote.


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