More Than a Mortgage

MoreThanMortgage (1)When we met John and Monica, they co-owned a home with Monica's parents. The family had made the decision to sell that property to give the younger couple the opportunity to find a home of their own. This generous gift left John and Monica with a significant down payment on their next property, but they wanted to know exactly what they could afford.

Our team started the discussion with Monica and John before their existing property had even sold. They wanted to be prepared to find their next home, and chose to work with a broker for personalized service and more options rather than sticking with their bank. Although they had a strong down payment, Monica and John still had some challenges to overcome since John had recently started a new job. Since lenders require verification of income, he needed to be past the probation period before their new purchase could close.

With that timeline in mind, John and Monica started looking for their new home. They settled on a new build property that wouldn't be ready for them to move in until after John was secure in his job position. The lender also wanted them to pay out most of their existing debts, so we sat down with John and Monica to go through the math and make sure they would have enough for their down payment, their debt payout, and their new home upgrades.

When it came to their home insurance, our general insurance broker, Tanya, already had all the information she needed to put a policy in place, so it was a quick and easy process for Monica and John to ensure that the investment they were making in their new property is protected.

Finally, Monica and John were able to sit down with Rebekah, our life insurance broker, to look at ensuring their mortgage would be covered in case they were unable to work. They each had different concerns due to the nature of their jobs and their existing coverage, but we were able to personalize a disability policy for each of them. Now they have peace of mind that if anything should happen, they have enough insurance coverage to take care of their mortgage payments.

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John and Monica got more than just a mortgage working with the Auxilium Team. We have expanded to become your one stop shop for home financing & insurance, travel insurance, life & disability insurance, investments and more.

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