Canada and BC Invest in Homeless Prevention

The new Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) will assist British Columbians who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Supporting four at-risk groups with finding homes in the private market, rent supplements, and support services, these groups include: youth transitioning out of foster care, women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence, individuals leaving the hospital and correctional systems, and Aboriginal people.

While monthly supplements to assist with housing costs are funded through Canada-B.C. Investment in Affordable Housing, the province will also contribute additional funding for support services. These services will connect clients to community supports, help them to maintain successful tenancies, and overall prevent vulnerable British Columbians from becoming homeless.

The Governments of Canada and B.C. will provide an estimated investment of $62.5 million over five years to the Homeless Prevention Program for rent supplements under the Canada-B.C. Agreement for Investment in Affordable Housing.

HPP is currently present in six communities around B.C., and plans to grow to over 30 communities around the province. It is estimated that over the next five years the program will provide housing and support for up to 4,000 people.