Mortgage Solutions for your Covid-19 Cash Crunch

As BC moves into Phase 2 of the province's COVID-19 restart plan, the Auxilium Team is here to assist with solutions that work during these difficult times. The reality is that borrowing funds through your mortgage remains one of the lowest-cost options available to homeowners.

Find Financial Flexibility With an Interest-Only Mortgage

Are you looking for a mortgage that will give you flexibility with your finances, have lower payments during the term, and provide you with extra monthly cash flow?

Which Would You Choose: Instant Fun vs Long-term Investment?


In the face of an increasing cost of living, it can be tempting to give up on the monthly grind of saving - whether for your down payment or to pay down your mortgage faster - and instead use that money for something that will bring you satisfaction right now. For example, did you know that Canadians spend more time planning their vacation than their mortgage? A mortgage may not be as exciting, but it is something you'll be living with for years. And if you take the time to figure it out, you may be able to afford to travel more in the future.