What Renovations Can I Make With A Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage?

You know the good news: if you've found your "almost" dream home, there's a financing solution to make it just right for you. But what does almost cover? Let's take a look at what renovations are eligible for a purchase plus improvements mortgage.

Top 5 Tips to Survive Your Home Renovation

Your home renovation is the key to your dream home. Unfortunately, the road to that dream has a construction zone, and you'll need to find a way through it. Living through a renovation can be relatively easy if you have the option to live away from your home for an extended period of time, but that's not possible for most people. If you're going to be living in the middle of your reno, here are our top 5 tips for survival:

Home Repair Gone Wrong? Your Mortgage Can Come To The Rescue

Your Mortgage Financing Can Support Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation Takes Spring Cleaning to the Next Level

Think Big This Spring!

Your Home is an Investment

Ron and Candace's family of four was rapidly outgrowing their home. They were trying to decide between another renovation on their existing property or upgrading to a newer, larger house. A friend referred them to Auxilium to find out what they could afford.

Top 5 Home Renovation Challenges

As renovation season rolls around once again, our team wanted to look at the top challenges that homeowners face in their renovation projects. After all, if you can plan ahead you can hopefully avoid some of these headaches in your own work.

A Home Inspection Can Save Your Sanity – Whether Buying or Selling

We've written before about the importance of a home inspection when you're buying a property. Even if you're pre-approved for a mortgage, your lender may hesitate if there's something slightly unusual about the property you choose. Your home insurance company also wants to make sure your property is in good condition. Allstate Canada conducted a survey earlier this year that shows 1 in 4 homebuyers had problems after buying their home that could have been caught by a home inspection.