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Federal Government Announces Changes to Mortgage Qualifying Rules

On Monday (October 3) federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced changes to the mortgage qualifying rules to obtain a mortgage in Canada. Specifically:

Foreign Home Buyers' Tax Hits Vancouver Market

The new B.C. tax on foreign buyers' real estate purchases came into effect on August 2. With the first month of data now available, analysts have already started to see an impact on the Vancouver housing market.

6 Silly Things (and 1 Smart Thing) People Do After Winning the Lottery

Do you play the lottery week after week, dreaming of becoming an instant multi-millionaire? You’re not alone! In the past fiscal year, the BCLC reports that $636 million was awarded to lottery winners in B.C.

In addition to those daydreams, it might help to have a plan in place for your winnings – just in case! Below we share 6 silly things (and 1 smart thing) that people do after winning the lottery.

You Just Won the Lottery. Don’t Change a Thing.

You don’t normally buy a lottery ticket. The odds of becoming an astronaut, a celebrity or even the Prime Minister are more likely than winning the jackpot. But this time, the prize was just too good to pass up and you decided to play. Lo and behold, it’s draw day and you’ve won!

While this scenario is still a dream for most of us, it never hurts to know what you should do if you are lucky enough to become a multi-millionaire overnight. The general consensus: don’t change a thing.