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Wildfire Safety Tips for Your Family, Your Home, and Your Business

The wildfire season can be an incredibly traumatic time. By taking some simple precautions ahead of time, you can protect your family and your home. Have a plan in place for your family should wildfires threaten your home. Here are some tips to help protect your home:

5 Questions You Should Ask When Getting Insurance

There are many Agencies and Brokerages to choose from that offer insurance, but not all companies are alike. Below are 5 questions you should ask when getting insurance.

Deadlines Matter for Your Mortgage Deal

Time deadlines are crucial in this continuing hot real estate market. Whether you are removing subjects on an offer, facing your mortgage renewal date, or preparing for the closing of your home purchase, it is almost inevitable that you will feel like you're racing the clock at some point. The goal of our team of mortgage planners is to always be mindful of your deadlines and strive to meet them.

How Long Does a Mortgage Take?

We will do our best to keep you informed of the time required to confirm and complete your mortgage financing throughout the process. While each file is unique, here's a general idea of the timing you can expect along the way:

Why Should I Have Home Insurance?

Our Insurance expert, Nicole, shares her thoughts on the importance of holding an insurance policy.

Whenever someone asks me about the importance of insurance, a story always comes to mind.

When I first started in insurance, I was training with a group. One woman, when asked about her understanding and history with insurance, related a story that still resonates with me today.

Changes to Vancouver Foreign Home Buyer Tax Confirmed

As we previously wrote, the B.C. government has considered changes to the additional tax on foreign home buyers in Vancouver in order to remain attractive to prospective employees. On March 17, the province confirmed the scope of their changes.

Shopping for the Best Mortgage Rate? The Lowest Rate Might Not Be Right for You

You've done your mortgage research online and found a great low rate. Now that you're finally meeting with a broker in person, they're telling you your rate will be higher. You might be disappointed, and you definitely want to know WHY you can't have that great rate.

BC Budget Includes Tax Break for Eligible Buyers

In the latest provincial budget, the government has announced an immediate change to the Property Transfer Tax. Effective February 22, 2017, the exemption threshold for eligible first time home buyers will be raised to $500,000. Buyers shopping in that price range may now save thousands of dollars in tax payments.