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Splitting up? Okay, so how do you split up the house?

I remember watching “War of the Roses” a long time ago.  It was about a couple that started out well, in the beginning they were happy and loved each other.  Near the end of the movie, however, their relationship had turned ugly so much so, that one of them took a chainsaw to the house, in order to split things down the middle.  Thankfully there are better ways of splitting up the matrimonial home

Mortgage Rules Change

No one likes change, especially future homeowners as the change relates to the mortgage rules.  Every time the rules change, they only seem to make it harder & harder for folks to qualify.  Well in my humble opinion, the latest change announced by the Finance Minister in December could have been more massive.

The Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced that for properties between $500,000 and $1 million, those of you getting an insured mortgage will now need to put more down—up to an additional 2.5% of the purchase price if you max out at the 1.0 million mark.

Christmas With A Difference

This is an article Kam presents each year for the December newsletter. Believe in the magic of Christmas memories of family and loved ones. After all, there would be no Christmas memories without them.

Well, here we are again—Christmas time! The most magical season of all…

How is it we went from Christmas being something so magical and special at one time, to now being symbolized as frustration, anxiety, depression, and sheer excess for many? Now, I am not saying this is the case for all, but I know you would be hard pressed to argue with me that this isn't the case for far too many.

Lest We Forget

I sometimes wonder how many of us actually take the time and effort to think about this phrase? In our hectic everyday lives, it seems to me that at most times people are just trying to do the opposite; they are just trying to forget all of the pressures and demands of life and try to capture a moment of solitude or two.

BC PNP makes changes to the business category

Though the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) was recently modified last January to add the Express Entry system, more drastic changes have now been announced for the business category.

Over the last decade the BC PNP has used a breezy and informal approach in assessing business applications, which would lead to permanent residency. However, this approach, combined with the closure of the Federal entrepreneur and investor programs, and limits placed by other provincial business programs, caused the number of applications to the BC PNP business program to leap from a low of 152 in 2009 to a system clogging 1085 in 2014.

How to Get Your Floors Squeaky Clean

We've all been there. You spend what feels like a lifetime toiling over your floors with a mop and bucket only to take a step back and realize what you expected to shine only streaks. Fear not, we can help.

First and foremost, it's crucial to note that no two types of floors clean the same. Before you break a sweat, consider the type of floor you're about to clean.

Canadians on Inheritance: Who Gets It? Why Wait?

Did you know that more than half of all Canadians expect to leave wealth for their children and other family when they die? Have you ever wondered why they wait?

According to a new survey from CIBC,  51 percent expect to leave their wealth for their children and other family once they pass.