5 Key DOs for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be the single most exciting experience you've had so far, but it can also be the most nerve-racking. There are a host of factors to consider, and overlooking some of them can cause headaches down the road. Here is a list of our DOs for buying your first home.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Snow melt, heavy rain and overflowing rivers can all result in unwanted surprise repairs to your home. Do you know which type of water damage is covered by your home insurance?

Top 5 Home Renovation Challenges

As renovation season rolls around once again, our team wanted to look at the top challenges that homeowners face in their renovation projects. After all, if you can plan ahead you can hopefully avoid some of these headaches in your own work.

Your Notice of Assessment is the most important paper you get each year

YourNoticeOfAssessment.jpgDo you know where your last Notice of Assessment (NOA) is filed? If you're like most Canadians, you either stuffed it in the back of a drawer somewhere or recycled it after you checked the amount of your tax refund. Here are 5 reasons you should keep track of it:

Why should you think about your mortgage at tax season?

TimeToContribute.jpgIt may seem counter-intuitive to think about refinancing your mortgage right before your income taxes are due. After all, how are they even related? The reality is that your mortgage is probably the single largest debt you carry, and you're paying it off with after-tax income.

Which Would You Choose: Instant Fun vs Long-term Investment?


In the face of an increasing cost of living, it can be tempting to give up on the monthly grind of saving - whether for your down payment or to pay down your mortgage faster - and instead use that money for something that will bring you satisfaction right now. For example, did you know that Canadians spend more time planning their vacation than their mortgage? A mortgage may not be as exciting, but it is something you'll be living with for years. And if you take the time to figure it out, you may be able to afford to travel more in the future.

Vacation Checklist: Travel Insurance

Post-holiday travel plans? Getting away for spring break? Looking ahead to summer vacation? Have you thought about travel insurance? While it's not as exciting as choosing your destination, travel insurance is key to making sure your vacation is everything you want it to be.